The FBI Files is an American television docudrama series that originally ran from 1998 to 2006. It was carried by the Discovery Channel cable network and produced by New Dominion Pictures of Suffolk, Virginia. The show was cancelled by the Discovery Channel in 2006; however, Escape (TV network),Discovery Channel and its sister network, Investigation Discovery, air re-runs, although until October 2012, Investigation Discovery only showed episodes from seasons 5,6, and 7. As of October 2012, the network now airs episodes from the earlier seasons (although not necessarily in chronological order), with updated information about the cases at the end of most episodes. Up to late September 2012, WE tv showed episodes from seasons 1-4, but the network had removed the episode introductions by Jim Kallstrom. In the UK on Channel 5The FBI Files airs most Saturday nights beforeQuizCall. It has also been shown on TV Denmark and Discovery Australia. All seven seasons have been released on DVD.</p>


The show described actual FBI cases, with dramatic reenactments and interviews with agents and forensic scientists who worked in the investigations. The show premiered on October 20, 1998, and 120 episodes were produced by Discovery Channel Producer Tom Golden before the final original episode shown on March 24, 2006. The series covered thekidnapping and murder of Polly Klaas, the investigation and conviction ofJohn Gotti, the Unabomber case, the World Trade Center Bombing, the Sara Tokars murder case, the several prison escapes by Christopher JeburkJohn Birges's biggest bomb in history (Harvey's Casino in Stateline, Nevada), and many other well-known and less well-known true crime stories. Unlike The New Detectives, a somewhat similar true crime show, The FBI Files centers on murdersnarcoticsbank robberieskidnappings, etc., where the FBI is called in to assist police departments.

Hosts and narratorsEdit

James Kallstrom, a former head of the FBI's New York City office, hosted the show. Among other high-profile cases, he investigated the crash of TWA Flight 800. Allison Erkelens was head writer for the series' production company, New Dominion Pictures, from 2000 to 2005.

Anthony Call co-hosted/narrates all the United States episodes. Susan Rae and Stephen Kemble were the narrators on several international versions of the show.

Lucy Longhurst narrated the international version of the episodes "Murdering Cowboy" that was about the convicted felonClaude Dallas and "Deadly Paradise" about the "Sea Wind Murders" on Palmyra Atoll.

Peter Dickson narrated the international version of the episodes "A Model Killer" that was about the slain serial killerChristopher Wilder (aka- "The Beauty Queen Killer") and "Cat and Mouse" about the 1985 search for South Carolina's convicted serial killer Larry Gene Bell.


DVD releasesEdit

Timeless Media Group has released all seven seasons of The FBI Files on DVD inREGION 1.

DVD Name Ep# Release dates
Region 1 Region2 REGION4
The Complete First Season 13 January 6, 2009 NBA NBA
The Complete Second Season 18 April 21, 2009 NBA NBA
The Complete Third Season 18 June 19, 2009 NBA NBA
The Complete Fourth Season 18 September 15, 2009 NBA NBA
The Complete Fifth Season 18 February 6, 2015[1] NBA NBA
The Complete Sixth Season 20 February 6, 2015[2] NBA NBA
The Complete Seventh Season 18 January 29, 2015[3] NBA NBA
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