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{{Infobox website
| name                 = 
| logo                 = 
| logo_size            =
| logo_alt             = 
| logo_caption         = <!-- or: | logocaption =  -->
| screenshot           = 
| collapsible          = <!-- set as "on", "y", etc, otherwise omit/leave blank -->
| collapsetext         = <!-- collapsible area's heading (default "Screenshot"); omit/leave blank if collapsible not set -->
| background           = <!-- for collapsetext heading; default grey (gainsboro) -->
| screenshot_size      =
| screenshot_alt       = 
| caption              = 
| url                  = <!-- {{URL|}} -->
| slogan               = 
| commercial           = <!-- "Yes", "No" or leave blank -->
| type                 = 
| registration         = 
| language             = 
| num_users            = 
| content_license      = <!-- or: | content_licence = -->
| programming_language = 
| owner                = <!-- or: | owners = -->
| author               = <!-- or: creator / authors / creators -->
| editor               = <!-- or: | editors = -->
| launch_date          = <!-- {{start date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|df=yes/no}} -->
| revenue              = 
| alexa                = <!-- {{IncreaseNegative}} {{steady}} {{DecreasePositive}} [ ##] (US/Global MM/YYYY) -->
| ip                   = 
| issn                 = <!-- ISSN, e.g. 1085-6706 (automatically linked to -->
| oclc                 = <!-- OCLC number, useful where an ISSN has not been allocated (automatically linked to -->
| current_status       = 
| footnotes            = 



All parameters are optional. Avoid linking to an article more than once within the infobox. Template:TemplateData header <templatedata> { "description": "An infobox for articles about website", "params": { "logo": { "description": "The website logo.", "label": "Logo", "aliases": [ "websitelogo" ], "type": "wiki-file-name" }, "logo_caption": { "description": "Caption for the logo. Most logos need none. But this field can be used to insert mandatory deletion notices.", "label": "Logo's caption", "aliases": [ "logocaption" ] }, "screenshot": { "description": "A screen photo of the homepage; see: Example 1.", "label": "Screenshot", "example": "EnglishWikipediaMainPage3rdAugust2007.PNG", "type": "wiki-file-name" }, "collapsible": { "description": "Whether the screenshot should be collapsed or visible at page load. (Yes / No)", "label": "Is screenshot collapsible?", "example": "yes", "type": "boolean", "default": "No" }, "collapsetext": { "description": "Text for the header of the collapsed section, defaults to Screenshot.", "label": "Collapsed screenshot header", "type": "string" }, "caption": { "description": "A caption for the screenshot. Should contain the date the screenshot was taken.", "label": "Screenshot's caption", "example": "Screenshot of Wikipedia on 11 September 2014.", "type": "string" }, "url": { "description": "The canonical URL of the website's home page meeting WP:ELOFFICIAL", "label": "URL", "type": "string" }, "slogan": { "description": "The slogan of the website", "label": "Slogan", "type": "string" }, "commercial": { "description": "Is the site commercially run / owned? (Yes / No)", "label": "Is commercial?", "type": "boolean" }, "type": { "description": "The type of website", "label": "Type", "type": "string" }, "registration": { "description": "Is there registration? (None / Optional / Required)", "label": "Registration", "aliases": [ "reg" ], "type": "string" }, "language": { "description": "The language(s) in which the website is available", "label": "Language", "type": "number" }, "num_users": { "description": "The number of registered users the website has", "label": "Num users", "type": "number" }, "content_license": { "description": "The license of the content of the site. Use \"Content licence\" for British English spelling.", "label": "Content license", "type": "string" }, "content_licence": { "description": "The license of the content of the site. Use \"Content license\" for American English spelling.", "label": "Content licence", "type": "string" }, "programming language": { "description": "The programming language(s) by which the website is developed", "label": "Programming language", "type": "string" }, "owner": { "description": "The current owner(s); should be a company name, persons name, alias, etc.", "label": "Owner(s)", "aliases": [ "owners" ], "type": "string" }, "author": { "description": "The person or entity that writes for the website.", "label": "Author(s)", "aliases": [ "creator", "authors", "creators" ], "type": "string" }, "editor": { "description": "The person or entity that serves as the website's editor", "label": "Editor(s)", "aliases": [ "editors" ], "type": "string" }, "launch_date": { "description": "When the website was launched; check the Whois database, if needed", "label": "Launch date", "aliases": [ "date_of_launch", "launch date" ], "type": "date" }, "revenue": { "description": "The approximate revenue of the site", "label": "Revenue", "aliases": [ "rev" ], "type": "string" }, "alexa": { "description": "The website's current Alexa ranking (find on; make sure to cite Alexa's page for this info)", "label": "Alexa", "type": "unbalanced-wikitext" }, "ip": { "description": "The website's IP address(es); both IPv4 and IPv6, whichever available", "label": "IP address(es)", "type": "string" }, "issn": { "description": "The website's ISSN, e.g. 1085-6706 (automatically linked to", "label": "ISSN", "aliases": [ "ISSN" ], "type": "string" }, "oclc": { "description": "The website's OCLC number", "label": "OCLC", "type": "string" }, "current_status": { "description": "The website's current status", "label": "Current status", "aliases": [ "current status" ], "type": "string" }, "footnotes": { "description": "Footnotes displayed at the bottom of infobox", "label": "Footnotes", "type": "unbalanced-wikitext" }, "name": { "label": "Name", "description": "Title of the website. Sometimes, it is the same as the domain name.", "example": "Ars Technica", "type": "string", "default": "Infobox website/doc", "required": true, "aliases": [ "websitename" ] }, "logo_size": { "label": "Logo size", "description": "Size of the logo. See Wikipedia image tutorial to find out about valid size values. If not specified, the logo will be displayed at its full size.", "example": "64px", "type": "string", "default": "64px" }, "logo_alt": { "label": "Logo's alternative text", "description": "Alternative text for the logo. Alternative text is displayed when the logo itself cannot be displayed or when a screen reader reads the article for the blind people.", "type": "string" }, "screenshot_size": { "label": "Screenshot's size", "description": "Screenshot size. The default is 300px. Usually, changing the default is unnecessary.", "example": "300px", "type": "string" }, "screenshot_alt": { "label": "Screenshot's alternative text", "description": "Alternative text for the screenshot. Alternative text is displayed when the screenshot itself cannot be displayed or when a screen reader reads the article for the blind people.", "type": "string" }, "language count": { "label": "Language count", "description": "The number of languages in which the website is available", "type": "number" }, "language footnote": { "label": "Language footnote", "description": "The footnote text containing citation for the source that says what languages are available", "type": "unbalanced-wikitext" } }, "format": "block", "paramOrder": [ "name", "logo", "logo_size", "logo_caption", "logo_alt", "screenshot", "screenshot_size", "caption", "screenshot_alt", "collapsible", "collapsetext", "url", "slogan", "commercial", "type", "registration", "language", "language count", "language footnote", "num_users", "content_license", "content_licence", "programming language", "owner", "author", "editor", "launch_date", "revenue", "alexa", "ip", "issn", "oclc", "current_status", "footnotes" ] } </templatedata>


{{Infobox website
| name = Wikipedia
| logo = [[File:Wikipedia-v2-logo.svg|frameless|150px|alt=A white sphere made of large jigsaw pieces. Letters from several alphabets are shown on the pieces.]]<br/>[[File:Wikipedia wordmark.svg|150px|Wikipedia wordmark]]
| logocaption = {{longitem|style=padding-top:0.4em; |[[Logo of Wikipedia|Wikipedia's logo]] is a globe featuring [[glyph]]s from several writing systems.}}
| screenshot = [[ screenshot 2013.png|border|300px|alt=Wikipedia's homepage with links to many languages.]]
| collapsible = yes
| caption = Screenshot of Wikipedia's multilingual portal.
| url = {{URL|}}
| slogan = "The Free Encyclopedia"
| commercial = No
| type = [[Internet encyclopedia]]
| registration = {{nowrap|Optional, but is required for certain}} tasks such as editing protected pages, creating pages in English Wikipedia and uploading files
| language = 275 active editions (285 total)
| num_users = 35 million{{padlsup|a}}
| content_license =
* {{longitem|class=nowrap |[[Creative Commons licenses|Creative Commons<br/>Attribution{{\}}Share-Alike]] 3.0{{padlsup|b}} }}
* Media licensing varies
| owner = [[Wikimedia Foundation]]
| author = {{hlist |[[Jimmy Wales]] |[[Larry Sanger]]<ref name="Sidener">{{cite news |first=Jonathan |last=Sidener |title=Wikipedia co-founder looks to add accountability, end anarchy |url= |publisher=[[The San Diego Union-Tribune]] |date=September 23, 2006 |accessdate=2007-03-25 |quote=The origins of Wikipedia date to 2000, when Sanger was finishing his doctoral thesis in philosophy and had an idea for a Web site.}}</ref><!--end hlist:-->}}
| launch date = {{nowrap|{{start date and years ago|mf=yes|2001|1|15}}}}
| current_status = Online
| alexa = {{steady}}&nbsp;[ 6] {{small|{{nowrap|(Global, January 2014)}}}}
| ip =
| footnotes = <div class="plainlist" style="border-top:1px solid #aaa;padding-top:0.3em;text-align:left;">
* {{nowrap |{{sup|a}} Total registration across all editions (June 2012).<ref>[[meta:List of Wikipedias#Grand Total|Grand Total]]. Wikimedia. June 10, 2012. Retrieved June 11, 2012.</ref>}}
* {{sup|b}} Most text also dual-licensed under [[GFDL]].
  1. Sidener, Jonathan (September 23, 2006). "Wikipedia co-founder looks to add accountability, end anarchy". The San Diego Union-Tribune. Retrieved 2007-03-25. The origins of Wikipedia date to 2000, when Sanger was finishing his doctoral thesis in philosophy and had an idea for a Web site.  Check date values in: |access-date= (help)
  2. Grand Total. Wikimedia. June 10, 2012. Retrieved June 11, 2012.


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