Pearl is a fictional character from the animated television series Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar. She is a "Gem", a fictional alien being that exists as a magical gemstone projecting a holographic body.

She is portrayed as a loving, gentle and delicate motherly figure for Steven, the protagonist of the series. However, she also tends to be overprotective, has low self-esteem, and is deeply overwhelmed with grief caused by the loss of Steven's mother Rose Quartz, whom she loved.

She is frequently praised for being a positive depiction of a queer character, though her strong obsession with Rose has been described as "unhealthy".

Development and castingEdit

Deedee Magno Hall (2010)

Pearl is voiced by Deedee Magno Hall.

Pearl's look was redesigned between the pilot episode of Steven Universe and the first regular episode. Originally having peach hair styled in a quiff and a much more intricate outfit, by "Gem Glow", she had the ballerina-esque design she retained before her regeneration in "Steven the Sword Fighter".

Pearl's voice actress, Deedee Magno Hall, started voice acting at a young age for The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. She moved on to do Broadway performances in the 1990s and 2000s, such as Miss Saigon and Wicked, but was contacted by Rebecca Sugar to portray a role in Steven Universe in 2013.[4] Pearl was her first major role in an animated series.[5]

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