On his First Wedding Anniversary, in 2017

Ragib Nizam or briefly Pronounced as Muhammed Ragib Nizam is a Science Fiction Superhero writer from Bangladesh. He is first ever writer from Bangladesh and Indian Sub-continent to introduce a superhero universe with a large number of superheroes known as "Bangladeshi Superheroes". This "Bangladeshi Superheroes" series is also the largest Online series Published from his official blog and facebook page.

Earlier career[edit | edit source]

Earlier 2010,  Ragib used to work with two local bands in his hometown. He stated he was coming through a vision what’s pioneering the underground industry these years. Leaving them, ragib started techno based music producing from 2011 before his graduation. Loving glam metal and hard fm genre he tried to make some sounds like bon jovi but it’s quiet different than the genre. Softest and bit progressive than 70’s music style. He released “daak” album based on his current situation during the album. The most influential music was “kondike(to Where)” that this started as a series of what he is continuing.

Writing Timeline[edit | edit source]

Later years, Ragib hadn’t come with duely scheduled songs. It became tough to turn his career into professionality. He graduated and entered commercial life for establishment for financial solvency. On 2013, Ragib Came into more wide area called Writing. He is a Big Fan of Superhero Genre and Satire. But He didn’t decided that time. His first Satrical words topped on a Daily Purbodesh Eid Magazine. It was changing rapidly and he dropped production at his studio. Ragib Announced a surprise post on his Facebook official that he has chosen The Genre “action thriller” for next year resolution. Agent Rishad Became the First Character to portrayed and a Surprsing Episode on that Series Made his journey to superhero Scripting.

Superhero Decade[edit | edit source]

Matimanob(soil man) had been First Featured Character that had been introduced in agent Rishad Series and he demonstrated the facts that all we need help to work together. 2013 february, Ragib Published 7 storied Series made of 7 characters along with Matimanob. The most influential Series “Agents Of D” Came after That. After years, Ragib Developed and published Stories based on country, culture and social phenomenon, recent political disappointment. He came with Number of Series that are from many events.

Universe to Multiverse[edit | edit source]

The Decade had experienced a universe to expansion on next. From 2017, Ragib Tagged his Whole Writing as a Mega Story arc better Known as “Bangladesh Superhero Universe(BDSU)”. He Made a Annual Series to Come in Every Year or Years connected. He Declared Some Out of box Series to be coming from 2021 and he also stated to transform the Universe to Multiverse.

Music and more[edit | edit source]

Ragib had joined on Radio Sorgorom as non commercial Promotion for his familiarity. He Themed a Horror Podcast name "the Haunted Show" and it has been 20th episode on 2020 to be on air during this paragraph stating. Ragib also made two new songs for his upcoming conceptual album. The First was "Fire Asha" and Second one is "kondike-2". the Haunted Show has long been published as premiered on youtube since sixth episode.

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