Amanda Goodman, better known by her former stage name Mandy Bonhomme, is an American actress and voice actress who has worked on the properties of Central Park Media, Media Blasters and The Right Stuf International. Bonhomme studied acting in New York and is best known for voicing Juri Arisugawa and Keiko Sonoda in Revolutionary Girl Utena,[1][2] as well as Komaki Asagiri in Genshiken[3][4][5] and its spinoff Kujibiki Unbalance.[6] She also lends her voice to video games and audiobooks. Non-anime work includes voicing the Shadowy Woman in the Nicktoons series Speed Racer: The Next Generation[7] and Amber, one of the Solid Gold Elite Dancers in the machinima This Spartan Life.[8] Bonhomme currently resides in New York City.

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