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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (/d[unsupported input]ˈkæpri/, Template:IPA-it; born November 11, 1974) is an American actor, film producer, and environmentalist.[1] He has been nominated for six Academy Awards, four British Academy Film Awards and nine Screen Actors Guild Awards, winning one of each award from them and three Golden Globe Awards from eleven nominations.


Year Title Role
1997 Titanic Jack Dawson
2012 Django Unchained Calvin Candie


  1. Goldenberg, Suzanne (February 29, 2016). "Climate change How Leonardo DiCaprio became one of the world's top climate change champions". The Guardian. One key moment in the evolution of DiCaprio as a climate champion was a meeting with then vice-president Al Gore at the White House in 1998. DiCaprio, who has cited that meeting as the beginning of his climate activism, set up his foundation that same year. 

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