• Geekmom22

    I didn't see any horror hosts or horror podcasts on Fandom yet so I've started to add them. :) Please do help if you have a favorite. Search for "horror host" and you'll find the trail. I haven't started on the "horror podcast" list yet.

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  • Ragibnizam

    New birth, as of the first book from Ragib nizam is going to be an aggressive approach on Myanmar’s Senselessness on pushing 2 million rohingyas to Bangladesh and others. He states that this is the attempt of censure Myanmar hypocrite Sovereignty. The disunity that continues after the death of su kyi’s father, Rohingya’s are most underprivileged under the hand made law in Burmese Military Regime.

     Ragib’s First book is built on Superhero science, that follows some noir rules. A bunch of people who does have special power to enforce tyranny, anomy and injustice surrender to Humanity. He believes that this is the first ever book that is going to be first and in-depth novel written in an original plot ever in South Asia.

    Bangladesher otimanober…

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